Installing trytond-prestashop module

The steps below below describe the process of installing the module on a tryton instance.

Installation of dependencies

This module depends on a python module called pystashop. Pystashop is installed automatically while installing trytond-prestashop. It can also installed separately by running:

pip install pystashop

Installation from source code

  1. The module source is available online and can be downloaded from here.

  2. The module can be downloaded as a zip or can be cloned by running

    git clone
  3. If the module is downloaded as a zip, extract the module which will give a directory.

  4. From the module directory, use the script with the command:

    python install
  5. The command above makes the module available for use by tryton server instance in a database.

  6. The module can be installed in a tryton database by following to menu:

    Administration > Modules > Modules
  7. This should show the modules list screen as below:

  8. Install the module as shown below:

    Step 1
    Step 2
    Step 3

Installation from PYPI

  1. The module can simply be installed by running the command:

    pip install trytond-prestashop
  2. The above command will install the latest available and released version of the module. To install the module for a specific version of tryton, run the following commands:

    pip install "trytond-prestashop==`<version>`"
    pip install "trytond-prestashop>=`<lower version>`,<`<higher version>`"

Configure Prestashop account